Webmail & how to use it

There are a lot of different ways you can check your email.  You could set up a desktop email client such as Outlook, Thunderbird or web-based clients such as Gmail to check your email. 

Webmail is a tool you can use to send and receive email. Webmail is different because you can access it using a web browser. It doesn’t require you to setup the software. You can simply log into webmail and begin to use it and in this artical, we explained how to use it. 


Step 1 – Your webmail account

Your hosting provider should have sent you your email account details prior to accessing your webmail account. You will need the following: 

    • Your email address
    • Your email password

If you are a Ballito Web Design client, this would have been provided in your handover document. 

Step 2 – Navigate to webmail

Next, you will need to go to the address bar on your web browser and visit the following URL:  webmail.yourdomain.co.za – (remember to replace “yourdomain” with your actual domain name) 

You will be taken to the webmail login portal as seen below. 

Enter the username and password your host provided, and then click OK to continue. 

Step 3 – Choosing a default webmail client 

If this is the first time you have accessed your webmail account, you will be asked to choose your default webmail client. 


Choose your preferred webmail client and then click on the blue link that says “Set as Default”. Now click on the image of your preferred webmail client and you will be redirected to your email.

Choosing your default client is a one time task and next time you log into webmail you will be redirected to your webmail email without this step. 

At Ballito Web Design, we typically set RoundCube as our preferred mail client due to its simple to use interface, this, however, is a personal preference.   

Step 4 – Using webmail

Once you are logged into webmail, the interface should look familiar if you have sent and received emails on any other email client.  You can compase a new email, check your inbox and/or create other mailboxes. 

From here you can also delete your emails, however, as a word of caution if you delete emails from webmail they will also be removed from the server and not recoverable. 

For questions on how to use webmail, or how to get your own webmail account simply click the button below and we will gladly help.